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3D Pattern less Auto Lens Edger – Superior

3D Pattern less Auto Lens Edger – SuperiorState-of-the-art 3D pattern less edger Performance The F-8 Premier is a pattern less edger which an edge all materials and perform all type of finishing: automated controlled bevel or customized, mini bevel for metal frames and rimless finish. The built-in safety bevel – grooving functionality is tota..



AUTOBLOCKER-AB-88 Description EIM is the exclusive distributor in France of the new grinder VISSLO. Grinder new warranty 2 Years. Beautiful Grinder + Blocker + Plotter. Grinding all types of glasses, scoring, against bevel, polishing, deformed shapes. Double play (on the grinder and blocker). Creasing is controlled automatically, widths a..



CondorinaFeatures :grinding machine equipped with two diamond wheels, for rough and fine grinding; it enables touch-up and finish grinding after the lenses come off the automatic operation.Rough diamond wheel Ø130x20x2,5. Fine diamond wheel - 130x25x2,5.Hand- rest and front edging of stainless steel.Dimensions:44x32x30 cmWeight :25 kgOptiona..


F-8 PREMIER EDGER Edged materialsMineralOrganicHi-IndexPolycarbonateTrivex AcrilicFinishingBevel-   Automatic-   According to lens/frame base curve-   CustomizableMini bevel (mini 0.6 mm) Rimless Polishing bevel and rimlessLens capacityMini Φ 17 mm Maxi Φ 80 mmBuilt-in SoftwareShape modification-&..


FantasyFantasy 2Hand-edger Fine diamond wheel Ø130x30x2,5 with bevelDimensions :width 24 cm, Height 22 cm, Depth 33 cm.Weight : 13 kg Optionals :Fantasy 1A Hand-edger with Buffer with double diamond track wheel rough/ fine Ø 125x34x2,5. Built-in water cooling system. Front edgings and hand-rest of stainless steel. ..


Frame Heater Vava

· Prevents burning the frame · Homogeneous temperature in the working area · Temperature ~ 130°C..


HLE-120Specifications:CE, ROHs certification.·   ·   Vibration-free operation.·   With a lamp for easier operation. ·   3 diamond wheel option for rough or fine grinding and with a (V) groove pattern. ·   Water level knob effectively control water supply. ·   Water tank eff..


HLE -35Specifications: ·   Powerfully motor easily edges lenses·   Water tank efficiently cools diamond wheel's temperature.·   Single holder and double holders for your choice.·   Available in 6 types of diamond wheels.·   Vibration-free operation. ·   CE, ROHs certification...


Lcd blocker PB-88

Lcd blocker PB-88The PB-88 is lens blocker to be used with the ST 88 Satellite Tracer and the F-8 Premier patternless edger. It offers a large Colour LCD Screen which is an exact replication of the F-8 screen. All parameters that are used for processing a lens (i.e. lens material, finishing method, centring and blocking data) can be introduce..


maga S

maga S· Two temperature levels (65°C/90°C – 130°C/170°C) + cold   air · Prevents burning the frame · Processing time reduced by one-half · Homogeneous temperature in the working area · Electronic heating regulator Code A200 S Maximu..


NH-800AXG This auto lens groover is applied for half-frame lens. It is well made of stainless steel spare parts and equipped with 100w noiseless motor and latest groover wheels. Groove position and depth is essily and accurately adjusted (front-central-rear). Application for plastic lenses and CR 39 lenses...


Pattern less Lens Edger GF-180

GF-180 Measurement rangFrame/58 mm and maximum width 160 mm in case of PD 70..


Pattern less Lens Edger GS-C180

GS-C180Processing modePatternless /patternProcessing methodAutomatic free beveling, flat beveling, guided bevelingWorkable diameter18 ~ 100 mmDiameter adjustable rang+/- 9.9 mmLens chuckingElectric chuckingWater supply methodCoolant pump or direct waterCoolant pump40/50 W (50/60 Hz)DimensionL539mm X W490mm X H435mmweight44 kg..


Tracer Visslo ST 88

Visslo ST 88 Externer 3D-Tracer Der Tracer ST 88 kann mit mehreren Visslo F8 Schleifmaschinen gleichzeitig betrieben werden...



VISPA FRAME HEATER •  Homogeneous temperature in the working area•  Temperature ~ 120°C..

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