maga S

· Two temperature levels (65°C/90°C – 130°C/170°C) + cold   air
· Prevents burning the frame
· Processing time reduced by one-half
· Homogeneous temperature in the working area
· Electronic heating regulator

Code A200 S
Maximum length 315 mm
Maximum width 190 mm
Maximum height 215 mm
Machine weight 2.60 Kg
Feed voltage 230 V ± 10% 115 V
Maximum absorption current 5.5 A 12.5 A
Power 1500 W 1500 W
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Fuse T 10A L250V F 16A L250V
Environment working:
Max altitude: 2000m
Temperature: +5°C +40°C
Max relative humidity: 80%
Work examples:

  • Set the machine on cooling or heating through switch 2
  • Select the temperature level through switch 3
  • Rotate knob 4 for reaching the desired intensity
  • Start up machine with master switch 1
  • The machine will be ready for use only after 1,5 minutes
  • Place the part of frame to be softenened inside the mouth
  • Process the part according to needs
  • In order to soften a small surface (nose pad, side arm) use heat concentrator