Accommodative Micro Fluctuation Analysis Program Speedy-K ver.MF-1

Speedy-K (ver. MF-1) Auto Ref-keratometer

Righton Speedy-K (ver. MF-1) Auto Ref-keratometer
• With an integrated research
• Makrofluktuatsii accommodation
• Measures the frequency reduction ciliary muscles
• At accommodation of the eye
• Eyestrain or headaches
• Stiffness or shoulder patient may be associated
• With problems of accommodation of the eye
• With the help of the device can figure out
• What the problem may be caused
• By an accommodation stressful situation
• Or a long eye strain
• The device is also used before surgery Lasik
• To identify opportunities of accommodation
• As well as to test the possibilities of accommodation intraocular lenses
• For research instrument must be connected to a PC
• After research, the program processes the data
• And research results can be seen on the monitor (or print)