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BINOCULAR HANDHELD REFRACTOMETER AND VISION ANALYZER Operating mode: binocular/monocular Refraction Measurement: Automatic Sphere range: +5, -5 D, res. 0.25 D Cylinder range: +5, -5 D, res. 0.25 D Cylinder axis: 0° - 180°, res. 1° Pupil size: Automatic detection, 4-7 mm, res. 0.1 mm Pupil distance: Automatic detec..

AL200 Auto Lensometer

The AL200 is the only auto lens meter that utilizes a horizontal design, similar to the manual lens meters that many users are accustomed to and prefer.The AL500 is feature-packed The AL500 offers the features and advantages of the AL200, with the addition of the following benefits:   AL200 AL500 ..


AL500 Auto Lensometer

FeaturesAccurate and repeatable measurements Space saving vertical configuration Convenient tilt screen Full-color LCD display Built-in printer Icon-based operating system Push button controlsProduct Number15100 AL500Power Supply100-240V 50/60 HzSphere Power0 to ±25D (.25D, .12D, .01D steps)Weight11.5 lbs. (5.2 kg)Cylinder Power0 to ±10D (.25D, .12..

Allen and other Preschool symbol tests

S.R 100

Allen and other Preschool symbol tests(Allen Box Stick Model 5070R)..


Auto lensmeter Grand Seiko GL-7000

Auto lensmeter Grand Seiko GL-7000, NEWColor LCDWith the Color LCD Monitor and Icon, the information is easy to understand.Easy Measurement of Progressive LensDue to the automatic recognition of progressive lens and other futures, all the lens can be measured much more comfortably.PrinterWith the high speed Thermal Printer, it can print out the mea..

Cardiff 5667R Combined Contrast Test

S.R 16,500

A visual testing kit designed to determine contrast sensitivityDesigned for testing toddlers and young childrenSuitable for older children/adults with intellectual impairmentKit consists of 36 laminated cards with images..


Combination horizontal/vertical prism bar

Combination horizontal/vertical prism bar..


Computer screen clip on card

* Facilitates vision testing at the exactdistance and height.* Fast precise measurement* Low cost...

Contrast Acuity Charts

S.R 1,150

Contrast Acuity Charts..

Cotton (sympathetic) eye bandage for boys and girls

S.R 79

Orthoptic patchesORTOPAD is an adhesive eye patch used in orthotictherapies for amblyopia and strabismusORTOPAD 50 PCS REGULAR, WHITE W/STICKERS ORTOPAD 50 PCS JUNIOR, WHITE W/STICKERSORTOPAD 50 PCS MEDIUM WHITE W/STICKERS..


Distance Fixation cards

Distance Fixation cards..


Dovie Drugs and Peds Cards

* Prescription pad, pocket size.* Concise up to date information* Laminated* Saves time...


Drop cell half eye trial frames

Hold three pairs of trial lenses. Adjustable PD from 59 to67 mm xed bridge. Temples adjust. Drop sell style goesnot hold the trial lenses tightly. Also, available with anadjustable nose rest as listed child versions have adjustablePD from 54 to 58 mm. weight 1.0 oz (29 grams)...


Eger equivalent card

* Easy to use* Better contrast* Easily equates readability to acuity.* Saves time..

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